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The Library has a small historical materials collection housed in the History Room. Access to the collection is by staff only. It is not a browsing collection. Staff will retrieve requested materials for use at a study table near the circulation desk or by the reference desk if staffed. Photocopying is limited and to be done by staff only. Patrons may need to wear white cotton gloves supplied by the library when using certain materials and a donation of $1.50 is requested. The History Room is accessed during library hours. Patrons may also make an appointment before coming in to view materials in order for staff to gather appropriate items.

Some of the materials in the historical collection include: Thompson Cemetery Gravesites, Thompson Bicentennial Memory Book 1785-1985, Thompson Townwide Historical and Architectural Survey, Barbour History of Thompson 1785-1850 and Killingly 1785-1850 and local school yearbooks, assorted letters, news clippings, and other material.



For birth, death or marriage certificates, contact the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall - 860.923.9900.
Visit the State Vital Records Office for necessary forms and FAQ.

For obituaries contact these organizations:
Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society and Aspinock Historical Society - Putnam, CT. resources
available with CT library card:

Heritage Quest Online
ProQuest Historical Newspapers:
Hartford Courant (1764-1985)

Other sites of interest:
Thompson Historical Society

CT Society of Genealogists

CT State Library: History and Genealogy Unit

Digital Collections at the Connecticut State Library

Godfrey Memorial Library - A Library of Genealogy, History and Biography

State Vital Records Office

Windham County cemetery directory

From our History Room

Thompson Townwide Historical & Architectural Survey (1986)

This is a 70+page document, scanned in parts as PDF files.

Table of contents and introduction

Thompson: Historical Overview

Thompson's Historic Architecture

Survey index


Thompson Cemeteries & Headstone Inscriptions document (1937)

Pages 1-14 Thompson Cemeteries Headstones New Boston

Pages 15-28 Wilsonville Cemetery

Pages 29-43 Tourtellotte Bates Carpenter Joslin Porter Jacobs

Pages 44-63 Old East Thompson Cemetery

Pages 64-77 New East Thompson Dike Quaddick Ross

Pages 78-98 West Thompson Cemetery

Pages 99-119 West Thompson Cemetery

Pages 120-139 West Thompson Cemetery

Pages 140-162 Whittemore Swedish Catholic Cemeteries

Pages 163-174 North Grosvenor Cortiss Winter Aldrich

Pages 175-190 Index

Pages 191-206 Index

Pages 207-224 Index and map